Your credit score affects everything from your ability to qualify for a new credit card, car loan or home loan — to even your auto insurance rate. Here are seven ways you can protect your credit during a divorce. Run your credit report. Every credit or loan item on the credit report needs to be […]

Divorces are granted according to the terms listed in a Divorce Decree.  Couples get a Divorce Decree either through settlement or trial.  Most cases settle — with very few actually making it all the way to a trial. When a case settles is largely dependent on the attitudes and positions taken during the divorce proceedings.  While […]

Sadly, the divorce rates in this country continue to rise among older couples. When couples divorce, it is never an easy decision for those involved or their families. However, when older couples divorce, it can be much more difficult because of the many years you and your spouse spent together. If you need help with […]

One of the reasons that many people put off bringing up the topic of divorce is because they don’t think they can handle the financial burden. The cost of divorce in Texas is different for everyone, and if you are considering a divorce, you should know what to expect as you begin the process. Property […]

When you file for divorce, you automatically receive a temporary restraining order in Dallas. You have probably heard of a temporary restraining order (TRO).  Whether on a TV show, movie or the news most people assume that Temporary Restraining Orders are used to keep stalkers away from you, or an abusive family member from harassing […]