Texas’ community property laws state that any property acquired by either spouse during the marriage belongs to both spouses equally. In the event of a divorce, the spouses must divide the property “fairly and justly” under the law. Accounts like college savings plans are subject to division just as an investment portfolio or bank account […]

In a divorce, some property division, such as car distribution, is easier and less complicated. But what about other types of jointly-owned property? For example, how do you divide a timeshare in divorce? Is the timeshare separate or community property?  One thing spouses going through a divorce must consider is whether or not the timeshare […]

Texas courts treat a common law marriage the same manner as traditional marriage, given that the spouses are able to prove the marriage is legitimate. Separating common law marriage partners must file for divorce, and follow the same rules for division of property, child custody, and child support as traditionally married couples. What constitutes common […]

The fate of your wedding and engagement ring after divorce can be an awkward and even hotly contested subject among splitting couples. The spouse who purchased the ring may think that they have a right to have it returned, while the ring recipient may consider it a gift that should be kept. Are wedding and […]

Family heirlooms are valuable not only in their monetary worth, but also their sentimental value. This often makes them a very sensitive issue during a divorce. How to go about protecting heirlooms from property division during divorce is quite complicated because it’s dependent upon multiple factors, including how you acquired the items and whether or […]