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When you are looking for a low cost divorce lawyer, one of things you do not want to do is make a decision based solely on the fee structure of any individual lawyer. While it is certainly important to save money, especially if you have a strict budget, you do not want to take a chance by choosing a lawyer that may not have enough expertise in family law to provide you with good representation. The only way to make sure you choose an experienced divorce lawyer that has the lowest fee structure is to conduct some research before you make a decision.

Many of the high-end law firms offer many options for the lawyers that work there such as Associate, Junior Partner and Senior Partner. Law firms that offer these types of titles for their lawyers usually have a higher fee structure that small offices that only have one or two lawyers on staff.

After you have a list of low cost divorce lawyers you can begin researching their credentials and experience. You don't want to choose any divorce lawyer based solely on how much they charge or even how quickly they can have your divorce petition ready for the court. It is essential to take the time to carefully choose a divorce lawyer so that you can feel confident your case will move along smoothly. Even if you and your spouse have an amicable parting of the ways, once it goes to court and there are discussions about dividing the property you own, he or she will in all likelihood begin singing a different song completely. The divorce can go quite smoothly until it comes time to come to an agreement on the ancillaries, and this is where the divorce begins to really cost money because it can take hours if your spouse is disagreeable.

When you research a divorce lawyer you want to verify credentials as well as obtain information about the number of divorce cases he has handled and how much work he or she had to do in order to settle the case. If at all possible talk to other divorced couples that have used the same divorce lawyer in order to assess the lawyer's record of satisfied clients.

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